Friday, January 1, 2010


How many of you have seen this movie?

I have. Now normally, I am not a huge movie critic. I tend to see movies as they are - entertainment, good or bad.

This movie is interesting to me however. I can see both sides of the argument that I hear people making about this movie.

Let me explain. My Father's birthday was recently, and he wanted to take the whole family out to see Avatar. Several members of my family were very excited about the movie, in particular the "3-D" portions. (By the way, 3-D is nothing like it used to be...) I, having heard nothing about the movie, went into it not knowing what to expect. An interesting perspective. After the movie, all 8 of us were standing in the hallway talking about what we had just seen. Here are some of the comments:

"Amazing computer technology"
"My spirit felt uncomfortable with the 'nature themes'"
"Interesting how a lot of movies now portray mankind as the evil race"
"It bothers me when God's name is taken in vain so freely"
"Good story line"

Quite a variety, isn't there? I also saw this article recently. This author has another perspective of the movie.

This post wasn't designed to promote or downplay the movie. I do however think it's important, if you chose to see it, that you allow your spirit to evaluate the movie (the above spirit comment came from my Mother, someone I very much trust in her discernment).

So - what do you think? Is it entertainment? Or is it more?

(My personal take - I thought the graphics were incredible. Like I said, 3-D is nothing like I remember it being the last time I saw a 3-D movie. I enjoyed the "story" within the movie, but I also felt uncomfortable with some of the language, the violence (even though computer animated), and the current that ran throughout the movie encouraging oneness with nature. A very well done movie, but not one that I would like to watch again.)

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  1. Avatar works on different levels. If Christians avoid this movie because of the "oneness with nature" theme, etc. then they will miss the biblical/Christian elements, such as realizing Jake Sully is a Christ figure.

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